Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation

Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation – 178 KW Solar Roof top Project

Location: Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation
Project Type: Ground Mounted
Project Size: 178 KW
Project Year: 2017

Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation had its beginnings in the year 1910. It was also the time when the indigenous and fledgling mercantile marine of the country was experiencing a shortage of trained Deck hands and Officers. This inspired Late Haji Ismail Yusuf, Proprietor of Bombay Steam Navigation Company to establish a Marine School as a Charitable Institution. The Marine School was built at Rashid Mansion, Worli Point, Bombay, as a debt of gratitude to the seafaring community who had served bravely and loyally on the Company’s ships. The purpose of building this pioneering foundation was also to encourage the orphans and sons of the seafaring community, irrespective of cast, creed or religion to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers.

Today with the addition of Dr. Leo Barnes Pre Sea Academy, and other new facilities such as the Recreation Complex, Hostels, Staff Quarters, and a vast Playground, the Foundation can boast of a Campus second to none in the world.

After the successful installation of a 20 KW solar rooftop system in 2016 the management of Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation decided to go green & further utilize the benefits of Solar power in their beautiful campus.

The capacity this time was increased significantly to meet the growing energy demands of the campus. An addition of 178 KW Solar PV system was installed by Avesta Solar which was the third repeat order for us.

The combined solar installations at the Campus have reduced CO2 Emissions by more than 250 tons per year. That’s the same amount of CO2 sequestered by 200 acres of forest land each year. The System is estimated to produce around 2,90,000 units of clean solar power every year. Being very close to the sea, our installations are designed for high wind loads.

The Solar PV System at Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation will help reduce over 33 % of the buildings electricity consumption.Estimated to generate 800 Kilowatt hour (KWh) per day, it will result in substantial savings of electricity annually. With a monthly generation of over 24,000 units of electricity, there will be a substantial reduction in power bills at the Foundation. The system is also connected under the Solar Net Metering policy of Maharashtra Government which allows any excess electricity generated by the Solar Panels to be exported back to the electricity grid.

Above all, the system is approved by MSEB.

The major components installed by Avesta Solar in this project have been sourced from reputed global firms like German company SMA for Inverters. Highly efficient Mono Modules of 335 Wp from Trina & DC Cables from Swiss make Leoni have been used for the project. The structure for the project was provided by Tata Blue.

This prestigious institute honoured us once again by selecting Avesta Solar as their preferred partner as we had a successful track record of installing two solar systems in the campus and having met all their precise requirements.