Solar Off Grid Solutions / Stand Alone Power systems

What is…

Solar off grid solutions are an Effective & Environment Friendly to provide electricity without support of an electrical grid

Where is it used…

Solar off Grid solutions or Standalone power systems are used for village electrification, water pumping & drinking water solutions, rural Schools & Hospitals, primary health care centres& many more applications where there is no grid availability

How does it benefit….

  • Solar off Grid Systems, helps in providing electricity to remote locations
  • Helps for Irrigation & drinking water facility
  • Reduces Indoor Pollution.
  • Assists in Income generation
  • Education Infrastructure facilities improvement
  • Facilitates Education & empowerment of woman
  • Solar of Grid Solutions for electrification of rural areas increases the potential for local business

Other advantages

  • Reduced Malnutrition cases in children
  • Reduction in migration
  • Direct & Indirect Employment generation
  • Land under cultivation increases multifold