About Avesta Solar


Avesta Solar, is a Social Enterprise with a mission to provide affordable & sustainable Solutions, in the areas of Electricity & Water, for Drinking, Agriculture & Livelihood. We work extensively in the villages of rural India & have a deep understanding of the issues faced by the local community & the situation at the ground level. We also set up projects in Urban areas & help organizations to bridge the connect between Urban & Rural settlements, which ensures overall social & economic development of the poor & contributes to the improvement & development of our Nation.

Avesta Advantage

  • At Avesta Solar you benefit from complete project planning support & Implementation
  • We use the best Quality equipment available which is sourced globally for all our Solar projects.
  • We have in-house team for our installations & maintenance of all of our systems, no dependency on outsourced labourer or contractors, this ensures consistent quality & reliability on all our projects.
  • We track & monitor all our Solar systems during their entire lifecycle, irrespective of the size of the project & provide you with a very detailed overview of your system on a continual basis
  • Over 90 % of our solar projects are from repeat orders & references from existing customers. This shows the quality & reliability of our systems & the trust our clients have in us.
  • At Avesta Solar we ensure maximum possible system availability & commit you a high yield & long service life with minimum downtime.Electricity prices continue to rise every year, your Avesta solar system is continuously working at the same cost. This advantage means that your savings in operating costs and the pay-back on your solar system increase year after year.