Solar Roof Top Solutions

Utilize your idle roof top space &  pay Zero electricity bill for next 20 -25 years

A solar energy system can be installed on any type of industrial roof, residential / commercial building, Hospitals, Schools, or College buildings

One can generate its own power on site and enjoy the benefits of sustainable & reliable power with no major recurring costs and minimum maintenance. Businesses can also avail of accelerated depreciation benefits, reduce their carbon footprint & help maintain towards a greener planet for future generations to come.

Avesta Solar Provides customized rooftop solutions to meet specific customer requirements & offers an independent power source for commercial, Industrial and residential consumers.

At Avesta solar power we maintain your plant for the complete life span.
With ever increasing diesel prices, the less expensive, solar power becomes a sustainable & viable alternative to reduce energy costs for organizations, institutions, industries, and all other buildings.

Benefits of Solar Roof Top Systems

  1. Sustainable & Reliable Power Source
  2. Long term energy security
  3. Minimum Maintenance required
  4. Reduction in Carbon footprint
  5. Major cost savings comparison electricity from grid & increasing diesel costs

Avesta Advantage

  1. Customized Roof top solutions
  2. CAPEX or OPEX plan options with payback under 4 years
  3. Over 120 solar roof top project executed
  4. Excellent quality through use of best European components
  5. Optimized design With detailed Shadow analysis study for all projects
  6. Can install systems on any kind of roofs
  7. Special expertise with installation on heritage building & installations without puncturing the roof / terrace
  8. Real time Daily tracking & monitoring of Solar Pv systems
  9. Comprehensive O&M with local in-house service team
  10. Extended warranty options

Avesta Solar’s customized solar rooftop solutions along with its end – to end solutions from installation to maintenance, have helped several Residential, Industrial and commercial  clients in meeting their power requirements in a sustainable manner.